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Brooke Nelson
Bonney Lake High School

    If you have ever tried to play fastpitch, it lives up to its name. Pitchers dominate the game and hitting for a high average is almost unheard of! That’s why the statistics of Bonney Lake fastpitch star Brooke Nelson will blow you away. On the season Brooke hit a phenomenal .833. She had an on base percentage of .907. She averaged 1.1 runs batted in per at bat! In 82 times at bat she had 62 hits, hammered 21 home runs, scored 45 runs and batted in 46. She also walked 19 times, had 26 singles, 14 doubles and a triple. Is it any wonder that she was 3A Player of the Year in 2016,17 and 18?

    Brooke also had her share of All-Area honors, twice on All-Area teams and in contention for All-Area Player of the Year, even as a freshman. Is that all? Not on your life. She also pitched for Bonney Lake. Listen to this: she averaged 2.5 strike outs per inning. She allowed only three hits in league play and 6 overall for the entire season. Her league ERA was 0.0. In 89.66 innings she had a season ERA of .31. In one game she struck out 24 batters in a row! For the season she had 306 strike outs and an ERA of 0.79. In league play she recorded 94 strike outs with an 0.00 ERA. It came as no surprise, even though it took 13 innings in the championship game, that Bonney Lake prevailed for the state title.

    What does her coach think? “Brooke is one of the most exceptional players I have ever had the privilege of coaching. She is the most coachable player I have ever had”, gushed Andrew Wage. In 23 years he has never named a sophomore as team captain, but Brooke became the first. She also is active at school where she has been a Class Senator every year. She was captain of the school’s volleyball team, a member of the Honor Society and a volunteer as the ambassador at local elementary schools. Is it any wonder that the University of Washington already has asked her to commit? She expects to be a Husky but not before an encore as a Senior at Bonney Lake. She has a tough act to follow, for sure, but she is looking forward to next year. For now, she’s the TAC Female Athlete of the Year and her $10,000 Sis Names Scholarship has a reserved sign on it. Look for a repeat performance on the mound and at the plate. Brooke does it all.