Athlete of the Year - Detail

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Athlete of the Year - Detail

Athlete of the Year - Detail

Fred Green
Orting High School

    Green means "go" and Fred Green of Orting high school was full speed in the sport of wrestling for four years in a row. He is one of 12 wrestlers in history to win four straight state of Washington championships. Green pinned every opponent he faced in his senior season except for his state championship finale when he won a 12--0 decision. He had a four--year record at Orting of 152--14 and was ranked #23 in the nation that year. He then stepped--up to college wrestling to compete for Boise State University.

    In Fred's senior year at Orting he was Associated Student Body President, Vice--President of the Honor Society, and the United Way "Community Service Letter" winner with more than 300 hours of documented community service. He had a 3.8 GPA. As a junior at Orting he was the TAC's Winter Sports Athlete of the Year in wrestling after winning his third straight state title.

    In 2012 when Fred won his first state title as a freshman, Drew Templeman of Orting became a four--time champion. It was then and there that Fred set his goal of winning one. It was only fitting that he should be named the winner of the TAC's top award of 2015, the Scott Names Male Athlete of the Year in Pierce County.
    How long has Green been wrestling? "My Dad introduced me when I was 5 after reading an ad in a local newspaper" he remembers. What are his future plans? "To obtain a Master's Degree in Engineering, and jump into the real world".

    Ever considered another sport? "I am interested in just about every sport besides basketball. Although there's an obvious reason why my friends tell me to 'stick to wrestling' ... it seems to be the only sport I'm good at." (Editor's note: "Damned good!")

    Is there anything he would like people to know about him? "Well, as my coach has said many times, if you don't share your goals you are less likely to achieve them. So, to remind myself and everyone around me, I write my goal inside of my name every single day in class. Last year I wrote 'Fred 3X'er Green' at the top of every paper. As you might have guessed, this year's papers have replaced that 3 with a 4."

    Shucks, where Fred Green is concerned, he could have used the number #1 every single year since he was five. In wrestling at Orting, that's exactly what number he has been. If sportscaster Dick Vitale found out about Fred, he would point toward the sky and shout: "Number 1, baby, Number 1!"
    Athlete of the Year - Detail