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Mandel Scott
Girl's Basketball

    Mandel Scott started officiating girls basketball in 1990, and one year later added boy's basketball to his repertoire. He continues as a basketball referee 21 years later.

    Mandel's goal was to officiate at the state tournament level "to prove that I belong," and he accomplished that goal when he worked his first boys state tournament in 2002. Since then, he added the 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007 girls state basketball tournaments, including three semifinals and two championship games, to his resume.

    He has since passed on officiating at the state tournament level to allow others the same opportunity, "trying to help others achieve their goals in this sport," he said. "I now consider myself a teacher and a student of officiating. I challenge myself every game to focus for the kids, working hard to make the right call."

    Mandel lives in Auburn and works for the City of Seattle as a surface paving manager. Born on Fort Lewis, he graduated from Lincoln High School in 1976 and from Pierce College in 1996.