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A TAC Scholarship

No other TAC member devoted more time and energy to TAC events and projects over the years perhaps, than Stan Naccarato. He became a member of the 75-year-old organization shortly after he returned from playing professional baseball and, with time out to become a Sergeant in the U.S. Army, his dedication was above and beyond. Eventually he became a two-time TAC President, was the voice of the TAC’s Golden Gloves from the very beginning (68 years ago), was chairman of Tacoma’s annual 4th of July Show for 21 years, and co-chair of the Tacoma Grand Prix around the Tacoma Dome as well as the Thunder Sunday Hydro Races in Commencement Bay. When it came time to raise funds for our youth and sports—nobody came close to Stan when it came time to “sell.” Scoreboards at fields all over Pierce County spoke to that. Among his top achievements, he saved professional baseball in Tacoma with an overnight fund-raising effort that kept the Pacific Coast League in Cheney Stadium. And who do you think raised every dollar to finance the bond is-sue to build a “Dome of Our Own” in 1980? Yes, it was Stan. He also spoke at nearly every civic group meeting in Tacoma, and the result was a whopping 70% YES for a campaign that had failed numerous times in previous years. In memory of Stan and his commitment to “civic betterment” (part of the TAC’s mission) a scholarship has been created to perpetuate his enthusiasm for our youth and sports.

2020Ella LitterellEmerald Ridge High School
2019Abbie JacksonCharles Wright Academy
2018Kelsey BellSumner High School
Kathy LeFoss High School
2017Ian CashEatonville High School
2016Raquel GraySpanaway Lake High School