The WIAA State Basketball Championship for 3A and 4A will be held at the Tacoma Dome March 1 - 4.  The WIAA Hardwood Classic Tournament Host program will be happening again and is looking for hosts.  The TAC has budgeted to host 2 teams.  Tony Anderson is taking the lead for one team and we are in need of a lead for the second team.  Please contact Karyn Siegrist ( if you are interested in representing the TAC as a tournament host, or helping to host our two teams.
What is a Tournament Host?
A Host is a person, family, company or local business that supports a high school basketball team who makes it to the WIAA State Championship tournament and treats them like family.  The Host remains with their team for the duration of the team’s participation in the State Basketball Championship.
What is a Tournament Host expected to do?
A Host is required to invest time and a small amount of money during the annual March tournament. You and/or a designated representative must attend the pre-tournament meeting that is held in the late afternoon on the Monday prior to the tournament to receive your assigned team as well as review pertinent information and expectations. You or a designated representative are expected but not required to attend each game that your team plays in. When your team takes the court, as a “Tournament Host” you will have 4 courtside seats at the end of your team’s bench. As a host, your responsibilities may include providing information as it relates to suggesting a practice facility, places for the team to eat and provide any information about our beautiful city should you be called upon.  It is required that you meet your team and introduce yourself as their host Tuesday night at the Dome “Walk Around”.  At this time you will present your team and staff with tournament programs (No More than 20).  In addition, but not required you may choose to give your team a goodie bag with treats, water or anything you seem fit to commemorate their trip to the State Tournament. Hosting a lunch or dinner with the team is also sincerely appreciated.  We can provide a list of a few local restaurants that have discounted pricing for the teams.  Because you are considered a part of the team you are expected to behave, dress and engage in an appropriate manner at all times and cheer your team on for victory. 
What do you receive for being a Host?
4 Passes for the duration of the tournament. Ability to sit courtside with your team when they
take the court and most importantly A BIG THANK YOU! When people from around our state
come to Tacoma we want them to remember what a great place it was with amazing people.