Welcome to the “new” Tacoma Athletic Commission year which starts in September and runs through next August. The main reason for this calendar year is to follow the school year with our key support of high school boy and girl student athletes in all the Pierce County high schools.
Karyn Siegrist, our new Executive Secretary/Director, is doing a great job and getting well versed in all the TAC activities. Karyn will be rolling out the new ClubRunner data base soon with roster information, committee activities, and other items regarding the TAC. When you see or talk to Karyn thank her for all her efforts on behalf of the TAC.
Please check out the list of “standing committees” of the TAC and consider getting involved in one or more of the activities. You will find a list of the committees in this newsletter.
Also, please share the invitation to join the TAC to friends, teammates, or competitors. You will find a summary of “what we do in the TAC” and a membership application also in this newsletter.
To grow the TAC membership with active participation will benefit all of the sports activities we support.
Thank you for being involved. See you at the next meeting at noon on October 14 at the Tower Lanes on 6th Avenue in Tacoma.
-Jim Merritt