My name is Ella Borsheim and I was this year’s recipient of the Sis Names Athlete of the Year award. I feel very honored to be receiving this award and I would like to extend my gratitude for your support. I am not only grateful for the generous scholarship, but everything your organization has done for Tacoma athletes over the years. Your acknowledgment of Tacoma athletes has such a positive impact on the Tacoma community and the lives of students. Running has been a huge part of my life for a long time and has played a significant role in shaping me to be the person that I am today. These last 4 years as a member of Bellarmine Cross Country have been very meaningful and have taught me so much about leadership, work ethic, resilience, and so much more. And while I’ve found some success, I’ve had my ups and downs and have made some mistakes along the way. I really appreciate that you have chosen me to receive this award. It says a lot that you support athletes, despite their mistakes or rough patches in their high school career. I like how you allow people to feel free to pursue their goals without fear of failure, and show them that their efforts can be recognized without perfection. I am so excited to be pursuing my athletic and academic goals at the University of Washington this fall. Thank you so much for supporting me in my future endeavors. While I am leaving for college this fall, I believe that I will always feel connected to the Tacoma athletic community. I hope that at some point I can return some of the generosity that your organization has shown me. Please know that I will continue to make the most of my opportunities and that your generous scholarship will go to good use.
Sincerely, Ella Borsheim