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The Excellence in Officiated Award is presented to collectively honor officials previously recognized for their leadership, dedication and high standard of professionalism displayed on and off the “field of play”. Their efforts are acknowledged for laying a foundation of excellence as officiating pioneers.
Presented annually to a currently active official in Tacoma-Pierce County who has made a significant contribution to the betterment of officiating. Factors used in the selection of this individual include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Respect for the Spirit and the Letter of the “Laws of the Games.”
  • Integrity and ethics. Exhibits a “service above self” attitude.
  • Has a motivating effect on others and/or strong community involvement. Excellence in officiating. Years of service and positions held in Local, State and National Official’s organizations.
  • Awards received from these organizations. A member in good standing of the Washington Officials Association, if applicable.
Award Recipients
Year Award Sport
Rick Fox Boys & Girls Basketball
Jeff Ausbun Football
Bill Schey Softball
Pat Muir Soccer
Jerry Aeschlimann Volleyball
Kevin Baurers Wrestling
2021 No recipients due to COVID  
2020 Larry Berg Boy's Basketball
Dave Dempski Volleyball
Joanne Flom Track & Field
Jim Jezek All
Ray Moffatte, Jr. Soccer
Tyler Olsen Football
Randy Sears Baseball
Darrel Spivey, Jr. Wrestling
Ricky Underwood All
Amy Wertz Softball, Fastpitch-Womens
2019 Hiram Aea Girl's Basketball
Chris Brayton Wrestling
Peter Thomas Volleyball
Larry Baughman Soccer
Scott Buser Softball, Fastpitch-Womens
Joe Horn Football
Michael Stephenson All
2018 Debbie Beckwith Volleyball
Graig Bolton Softball, Fastpitch-Womens
Allen Estes Boy's Basketball
Dwayne Johnson Football
Tom Maki Wrestling
John O’Keefe Soccer
Mark Polcyn Boy's Basketball
2017 Glen Kuhn Wrestling
Ken Laase Softball, Fastpitch-Womens
Tom Purchase Baseball
Dana Reinhart Soccer
John Wohn Volleyball
Dan Stivers Football
Randy Black Basketball
Alberto Perez Girl's Basketball
2016 Phil Taylor Baseball
Kevin Walk Girl's Basketball
Tony Schoeler Boy's Basketball
Ron Anderson Football
Cy Palmer Soccer
Bruce Ledbetter Softball, Fastpitch-Mens
Lenny Llanos Volleyball
Randy Holberg Wrestling
Cathy Sanderson Track & Field
2015 Dave Williams Baseball
Frank Manowski Girl's Basketball
Ed Rounds Boy's Basketball
Dennis Mullens Football
Walt Gogan Volleyball
Daryl Eygabroad Wrestling
Ed Viering Track & Field
Ken Cheslik Fastpitch Softball
2014 Larry Stevens Boy's Basketball
Bill Weatherby Girl's Basketball
Clarence Leingang Football
Greg Farias Fastpitch Softball
Joe Tompkins Soccer
Paul Jensen Volleyball
Hugh Birgenheier Wrestling
2013 Mark Stricherz Boy's Basketball
Ross Parker Girl's Basketball
Rob Ruth Boy's Basketball
John Everett Fastpitch Softball
Keith MacFie Lacrosse
Tina Preece Volleyball
Bruce Osborne Wrestling
2012 Lee Gregory Boy's Basketball
Ron Rosi Girl's Basketball
Bill Rudd Fastpitch Softball
John Dively Football
Dick Unrue Track & Field
Teri Wood Volleyball
Eric Davis Wrestling
2011 Paul Guetle Boy's Basketball
Mandel Scott Girl's Basketball
Jack Stonestreet Fastpitch Softball
Ken Wood Football
Robyn Buck Volleyball
Brian Dunbar Wrestling
2010 Ron Shaw Baseball
Steve Wusterbarth Boy's Basketball
Wayne Agness Girl's Basketball
Dick Hassan Fastpitch Softball
Terry Keister Football
Earl Powell Volleyball
Terry Beckstead Wrestling